I Want a Great Life . . .

ARCA Career Enhancement Services (ACES) is a rich resource for Meaningful Day Activities. The program is shaped to meet each person’s need for independence, maximum participation in community life, achievement of personal goals, self-advocacy, preparation for employment and control of their environment. The individuals at ACES access community activities that are recreational, educational, of service to community or are natural resources, like community centers.

Adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities at the ACES day program choose their type and intensity of community involvement by sampling community with a trained Direct Support Professional. ACES offers a Readers Group as part of our Literacy Project and a Little Theatre Group. ARCA’s Literacy Project and Health Matters Project are evidence-based models that provide for increased language and communication skills and personal health and wellness of each enrolled individual.

For more information, please contact Michelle Harmon at (505) 332-6843 or by email.

For referrals to ACES please contact Lori Calhoun at (505) 243-3828 or by email.