Everyone Deserves a Family
and to Experience Love . . .

 ARCA is a licensed Child Placement Agency. Every day, ARCA works with the Children, Youth and Families Department to place infants and children with disabilities, many of whom have been abused or neglected, in loving homes.

The NM Children, Youth and Families Department, tribal social services and Navajo Nation Social Services refer vulnerable babies and children to ARCA’s Family Based Services. Our social workers respond to children within one hour of receiving a call and then match each child with a carefully screened and trained family. Every child and family receives 24-hour support from the FBS team 365 days a year. Many successful placements are transformed into permanent families with care and time.

Sometimes children come to ARCA for hospice. The child is sheltered and the family of origin and the foster family are both supported during an emotional but respectful journey that finds a point of healing and closes with dignity.

For more information or to become an ARCA Foster Family contact Michelle Harmon at (505) 332-6843 or email.