ARCA Spirit

Over 65 years ago, a handful of Albuquerque parents wanted to ensure a bright future for their children with intellectual, developmental and cognitive disabilities. Today, ARCA has approximately 700 full and part time employees, working round the clock, creating opportunities for over 600 children and adults to live great lives. The history of ARCA is people. Families, friends and neighbors working together to find solutions to seemingly insurmountable challenges. ARCA staff, loyal and compassionate, mindfully assuring the health, safety and happiness of everyone in their charge. This is the ARCA Spirit.

ARCA’s Leadership Team

Edward J. Kaul

ARCA President and Chief Executive Officer

Michele M. Cody

ARCA Foundation Executive Director and Chief Development Officer

Michelle Harmon

ARCA Clinical Services Director

Karen Hughes

ARCA Human Resources and Training Director 

Warren Hayslip

ARCA Chief Financial Officer

Doreen Salazar

ARCA Administrative Operations Director

ARCA’s Stellar Workforce

ARCA staff take pride in their work and love to make a difference in the lives of the individuals in ARCA’s care.

“Working at ARCA gives you purpose. You are not just working to make a profit for someone else. You are working to make someone’s life better.”


ARCA is very involved in the lives of the individuals we serve and is in constant communication with the staff that is directly involved with the individuals in ARCA’s care.

Employee Satisfaction Survey Results

“My job makes a difference in the people’s lives I serve.”

“I have found working at ARCA is a rewarding experience.”

“I can be flexible with my schedule, with good pay and lots of benefits.”

“ARCA has a good reputation in the community.”

“The flexibility provided to me while working at ARCA allowed me to achieve a work/life balance.”

“Overall, I enjoy working for ARCA.”


“It is an honor and a joy to be part of this amazing ARCA family!”

“I absolutely love my job and the people we serve! One of the best jobs I’ve ever had!”