I Want to be Healthy . . .

ARCA believes individuals with intellectual, developmental and cognitive disabilities have a right to receive basic health information in an understandable format to learn to improve their personal health. ARCA Direct Support Professionals receive training and mentoring on how to help individuals receiving services learn how their body works, how to make healthy choices and engage in planned activities that improve their flexibility, aerobic capacity, balance and strength. Health Matters is a tool that helps each person develop a healthy lifestyle and reduce their risk for preventable secondary health conditions.

ARCA collaborates with the University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Disability and Human Development, a national leader in the field, to deliver evidence-based health promotion programming.

For more information contact Loretta Sesbeau at 505-449-8423 or via email.

CAP HealthMatters Brochure (620 KB)

HealthMatters™ CAP is an NIH funded collaboration between two community-based organizations (ARCA in New Mexico and NorthPointe Resources in Illinois) and an academic institution (University of Illinois at Chicago) supporting people with developmental disabilities (DD). Through HealthMatters™ CAP, we are introducing a new approach for community-based organizations and academic institutions to work together and find practical solutions that people with DD can use to maintain healthy lifestyles.