The ARCA Foundation

The ARCA Foundation was established in 1995 to support and celebrate the accomplishments of ARCA in creating meaningful opportunities for individuals with intellectual, developmental and cognitive disabilities.  Governed by its own volunteer board of directors, the Foundation is tasked with raising public awareness, establishing community partnerships and raising money to supplement gaps in current and future Medicaid and other Federal and State funding.

Since 1957, ARCA has remained on the forefront of innovative, compassionate service.  With an inherent philosophy of partnership, we have created model programs with esteemed organizations across the United States.  Our stellar service models are well respected throughout the industry and shared with similar agencies nationwide.

When you invest in ARCA, you invest in the potential of over 600 individuals with unique and meaningful talents.  Please consider an investment in maintaining and expanding opportunities for the remarkable individuals served by ARCA today, tomorrow, as long as the need exists.