Below, please find links to video from the June 2017 conference. Each video is a 16 minute segment of the conference, labeled with a brief description of its content.


Video 1: Introduction / Essentials for the Team / Learning Objectives and Stats

Video 2: History / Presenting Features and Characteristics

Video 3: PWS Characteristics, continued. The PWS Patient.

Video 4: The PWS Patient, continued / Sleep Abnormalities

Video 5: Sleep Abnormalities

Video 6: Sleep Abnormalities, continued / False Statements in PWS: Diagnosis and Management / Judgement and Rights

Video 7: Judgement and Rights

Video 8: How Medical Crises Develop: Diabetes, Obesity Management / Gastrointestinal

Video 9: How Medical Crises Develop: Gastrointestinal, continued

Video 10: How Medical Crises Develop: Management

Video 11: Food and Behavior: Understanding Appetite

Video 12: Food and Behavior: Food Security

Video 13: Food and Behavior: Food Security, continued and Stealing

Video 14: New Concepts in Nutrition – The PWS Diet

Video 15: The Behavior Pyramid – Diet and Behavior Plan

Video 16: Building and Implementing Behavior Plans / Anatomy of a Tantrum

Video 17: Anatomy of a Tantrum, continued: Prevention vs Response

Video 18: Anatomy of a Tantrum, continued: Skills for behavior management

Video 19: Anatomy of a Tantrum, continued: Not arguing and attention seeking behavior

Video 20: Q & A

Video 21: Q & A

Video 22: Picking Behaviors: Analysis and Management

Video 23: Picking Behaviors: Analysis and Management, continued

Video 24: Medications and Supplements

Video 25: Psychotropic Medications

Video 26: Psychiatric Diagnosis

Video 27: Medications and Recommendations

Video 28: Q & A